Chemist Pedro Salom initiated what has come to characterize the electric vehicle industry. The scientist developed the Electrobat model proving that cars could run on electricity. This model could cover 25 miles before requiring a recharge. The electric vehicles for this century will surpass the 500 miles mark. This distance is equivalent to traversing from New York City to Raleigh in one charge. Experts think that this could be the climax for the electric vehicle industry, where they can garner more profits. For instance, Tesla recorded a 740% turnover last year. On the other hand, Nio was operating at 1110%.

In the same trend of gaining, there’s a company in this industry which also witnessed the growth of this sort. Facedrive penned contracts and partnerships that will maintain eco-friendly businesses last year. Some of the participants that facilitated the operations include government agencies, international tech companies, and famous stars. All these stakeholders have taken it upon themselves to capitalize on the electric vehicle market by undergoing acquisitions and other exciting transitions last year. After an amazing display last year, these companies are establishing better alternatives to keep them in the market.

Facedrive advanced its reputation by focusing on the electric vehicle market. Mega companies like Tesla and other tech giants have been exploring this market after realizing its potential that came to their light last year. A perfect example is GM which plans to run an electric vehicle ecosystem under the title BrightDrop. The company has also selected FedEx to be its first client for this project. Another company is Apple, which will be diving deeper into electric vehicles with speculations around the idea of paring with Hyundai and Kia to develop the best model for this industry.

The electric vehicle market witnessed a boost after Biden assuming office in January. The US president promised in his campaign that he would make green energy and electric cars part of his priority as the leader of the superpower. The president vowed to pump billions into the electric vehicle projects to accelerate their uptake by consumers. Part of this plan is the exemplary substitution of 645000 government vehicles with electric models in the future. Additionally, the president is planning to develop over 500000 electric vehicle charging stations countrywide. This plan might enable Facedrive to explore its objective of planting a tree for every electric vehicle model in the market. Uber started this movement, although it failed to materialize.

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