Recently, African Sun Energy began its performance to design, develop, and carry out various activities on the new solar energy system. The works will help the BBRT energy network at large.

Those activities are meant to safeguard all high technology and complex tools in the amenity work on a 24/7 energy security. Another necessity was to offer a college demonstration that could use renewable energy networks to provide electricity to far-off areas of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) and Malawi.

One of the segments in work for implementation includes offering training and creating job opportunities during the forthcoming development. Therefore, ASE is providing a great chance to Malawi citizens to participate in the digital practice available to all. Women have been given the forefront opportunity to grab this opportunity in the network of renewable energy.   From the cohort, fur people would be given a deal offer as solar installers to proceed with further professional training during the new solar system’s set-up at BBRF.

The extended incentive’s primary goal is to get at least one participant who would land a one-year contract with ASE. The participant would also offer help in operation and maintenance of the newly installed projects locally.

Malawi Blantyre Soar Photovoltaic Training is a course offered free by African Sun Energy (ASE) via Mr. Amos Chenamani, Renewable Energy Engineer. He earned his Post Graduate Diploma in Education and Training from the University of Botswana. ASE Engineer stated that modern health facilities require clean and cheap energy, and to arrive at that, professionals must have proper job training. He added that he is decided to broadcast the information he had learned a few years back as an energy engineer. He hopes that such activity would greatly benefit youths, especially youths, to secure their renewable energy network positions.

In another statement, Dr. Mwapatsa Miando, the Immediate Past Principal of the College of Medicine, showed his gratitude concerning the enormous steps taken towards installing the renewable energy project. It depicts more of a solar installation project because it would ensure Malawi citizens would take part in the project training. He added that citizens of Malawi would have access to reliable, pocket-friendly, and clean energy. The nation would move forward and offer an environment where everyone is comfortable with renewable energy resources. Besides, more job opportunities would be created to reduce the rate of unemployment.

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