It is no secret that the battle for vehicle electrification is here with us and all we can do is predict who will emerge top as carmakers take bold moves on the journey to electrifying all their cars. After governments initially talked of moving to clean energy products, most traditional manufacturers were hesitant to make a move. Still, Tesla pioneered the electric vehicles showing the world of ways to create clean energy cars. The latter dominated the field for years until in recent years when other carmakers started working on the project, including Volkswagen.

The company recently announced their target to electrify all their cars with time. Recently, it announced that it has started supplying the first units of the VW’s ID.4 electric vehicles to dealers in America. This move is part of the company’s effort to invest in the electric business. The first ID.4 customer deliveries are set to start in China and Europe in the coming weeks.

VW has worked on other electric vehicles, even selling some of them, including the e-Golf. However, the ID.4 is the first car that the carmaker is pushing hard to get into the market. From drivers who have tried the product, its design and general performance will attract customers with a tight budget. VW is working hard on the vehicles since it targets selling at least 150,000 of the long-range electric vehicles in the globe this year. It doesn’t stop there since the company plans of selling over two million before the model is outdated.

The automaker stated that EVs need attention and care while changing, including brands that are foreign to fuel-powered cars. It means that it takes effort to maintain the car’s battery charge throughout a trip from the factory to the dealership. To get the cars ready for customer deliveries and test drives, the manufacturer has invested in several Level 2 EV chargers in their dealership in the United States in the last two years. Currently, the company has 600 plus dealerships in the United States and hopes to increase in the future.

In the last ten years, dealerships play a significant role in EV adoption because most customers rely on dealerships to get cars from the automakers, but some dealers are still resisting the change. Recently, there were stories of under-informed salespeople who can’t explain the details of a car. However, Volkswagen plays importance to comprehensive training and even employs specialists to answer the customers’ questions. Also, recent announcements from Volkswagen give details of battery technology improvements in its preparation for this decade’s target.

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