Australian state governments have been advised to avoid introducing road user taxes on electric vehicles since this move could discourage consumers from purchasing these vehicles. Moreover, the technocrats believe that the introduction of this tax would suppress the efforts to counteract greenhouse gas emissions. This advice comes before South Africa and Victoria could unveil the charges implored on driving electric vehicles. A report heading to the Board of Treasurers reveals the most effective method of introducing road user charges on clean energy vehicles without discouraging the uptake of electric vehicles in the country. The report was addressed from the Victorian Treasury and indicated that any new charges on electric vehicles would minimize the revenue receivable from these vehicles. 

Another report claims that the South Australian government can introduce the road user tax instead of new incentives to make electric vehicles a more viable option. Although this approach maximizes revenue generation, it hinders the uptake of electric cars and does not resolve emissions. Moreover, this option is facing lots of criticism from the environmentalists and industry stakeholders who feel like they have been put in a disadvantageous position. Dr. Jake Whitehead of the University of Queensland conducted an analysis that revealed the projected tax could reduce the uptake of electric vehicles by 25 percent in through the next three decades. 

New South Wales publicized the electric vehicle road user tax and, with the help of treasurer Dominic Perrottet seek approval of the cabinet next year. Richie Merzian, the head of the climate and energy program at the Australia Institute, stated that the leadership of this state came up with the regulations without engaging the public for their opinion. He reiterated that it is the most sensible explanation because the policy would encounter opposition and depreciate the sales of electric vehicles, coupled with an increase in greenhouse gases. Mercian thinks that it is essential for the government to stop the procession of this policy for the involvement of industry stakeholders and the community. Australia is among the countries showing a sluggish transition to electric vehicles. 

While the federal and state governments demonstrate their support for plug-in charging facilities countrywide, they have not indicated significant support for electric vehicles. This move raises concerns over the propensity that the country has in the development and uptake of electric vehicles to suppress the climatic changes brought about by the emissions from conventional cars. The only local agency that is advocating for the uptake of electric vehicles in a pronounced manner is the Australian Capital Territory Labor-Greens government, which intends to offer loans on these cars and free registration lasting two years.

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