Lockheed Martin has unveiled a new line of space-based monitoring satellites. The combat-oriented mid-size satellite bus will be interoperable with military armed systems, including fighter jets as well as air defense systems. According to the firm, the latest mid-size satellite is being marketed as an option to tactical monitoring systems such as planes and drones. Lockheed Martin stated in a press release on April 13 that its “tactical information, surveillance, as well as reconnaissance” satellites will enable the military to monitor moving objects from space without putting people in danger.

Lockheed Martin claims that the military will profit from the cheaper expense of constructing and deploying satellites, allowing space-based monitoring more affordable, according to a spokesperson. The Army, for instance, might utilize satellites to identify objectives, with photographs of such targets being downlinked to ground commanders. The Air Force may use satellites to map an environment and send photographs directly to the F-35 fighter’s cockpit.

The satellite is built on the LM400 bus, which is around the size of a tiny refrigerator, and was developed to be consistent with open standards utilized by the Department of Defense to link various platforms so they can exchange data through the ground, air, maritime, as well as space realms, according to the company. According to Lockheed Martin, Tactical ISR satellites would play a key role in the Pentagon’s attempts to link military hardware from all the military branches, a project identified as “joint all-domain command and control.”

According to the group, the satellites may be built with DoD or third-party remote sensing payloads, such as visual imagery or even infrared cameras or radio-frequency trackers. The ISR satellites will be mass-manufactured at Lockheed Martin Space’s Gateway Center, a modern 3.5 million-square-foot satellite production and manufacturing plant in Denver, Colorado, according to Rick Ambrose. He serves as the executive vice president.

Lockheed Martin Corporation is multinational aerospace, weapons, military, surveillance, and emerging technology corporation headquartered in the United States. In March 1995, it was founded by the combination of Lockheed Corporation and Martin Marietta. Its headquarters are in North Bethesda, Maryland, which is next to Washington, D.C. They are designing, innovating, and implementing hypersonic technologies that fly Mach 5 or more, guided energy that flies at the speed of light, as well as autonomous systems for a range of lifesaving military and industrial applications, with an emphasis on the United States National Defense Strategy, to support their customers accomplish their most significant and vital goal.


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