When countries are coming up with annual budgets, citizens have their expectations, and Indians are no exception. For instance, there is Anuj Kapuria, who is the founder and CEO of Hi-Tech Robotic Systemz. He feels that things can be done to boost the demand for technology and robotics adoption. His suggestions include offering robotics adopters incentives and reducing IGST. He believes that the tax breaks and reduced customs duty will help a great deal.

It comes at a time that people have realized how India is lagging behind in this area. Whether it is among the regional or global peers, the country seems to be among the countries registering minimal robot adoption improvement. That’s why there are suggestions to think about the industry during Budget 2021. According to an industrial autonomous and AI technologies official, its focus should be motivating people to use technology and enhancing productivity so that the country becomes well equipped for the future.

Going by the statistics of a recent study, technologies, especially new ones, have a bright future in terms of career. The likes of robotics, AI, and automation lead the list. Come 2030, the applications using such technologies will have increased by 20 to 50 million in the world. As for the workers, the growth will be by over 375 million.

CEO Anuj Kapuria is at a better place to talk about this topic. After all, his company is among the pioneers in India as far as AI technology, and industrial autonomous are concerned. He says that research and development will be a massive success if a number of things are put in place. They include building incubation centers as well as robotics centers of excellence. Facilitating the same with grants will also help, no doubt. Another aspect that can be of great help is the reduction income tax deduction for the same. That is already happening and what he advocates for is its continuity. Consequently, the technology will accelerate within no time.

There is also the issue of policies. They should revolve around interventions that promote the acceleration of robotic adoption. Whether they will be in warehousing or manufacturing, the guidelines should be timely. However, warehouse automation should get more attention due to its increasing demand.

Such policies would give the involved parties a reason to relax and work. As a matter of fact, those in the technology-driven field would be confident to develop their concepts to real things. The Indian Atmanirbhar Bharat vision, which means Make in India for Global, will also be realizable. Job opportunities will improve, and the country’s industrial sector will be at another level.


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