Where To Stay In New York City

Places To Stay In The Big Apple 

Figuring out where to stay in New York City or anyplace else like it can be overwhelming. There are thousands of hotels scattered throughout the city, which can quickly become overwhelming.

However, we have a guide that helps you pick the right hotel based on your travel style and budget.We’ll take you through all the popular tourist areas in New York City, including famous attractions and activities and the reasons they offer for the hype surrounding their popularity.

We will show you top-rated hotels in every neighborhood, from the best-rated ones on our site to those within our vicinity ourselves. It allows us to provide the most valuable insights into tourist hotspots for you because we can pick out the places with the highest ratings and lowest prices.

Where to stay in new york city

The Best Areas In NYC

Honestly, it’s never that simple! Everyone’s definition of best is different so it all depends on what you are looking for on your trip.

Yes, we’re well aware of how irritating it is to not give you a solid answer but this is to ensure you pick the best area in NYC that suits your needs. New York is one of the most varied, tourist-dense, and one-of-a-kind areas in the world. The housing demand in New York is skyrocketing because who wouldn’t want to come visit and live here?

New York City is one of the top prominent vacation destinations globally. That’s because the city is filled with rental apartments that resemble attractions and lodgings, and it’s a vast puzzle. But it’s an unbeatable location, and we would be excited to help you plan your trip.

Choosing the Right Hotel

Choosing a hotel in NYC can be tricky but consider these questions to help narrow down your options.

  • What activities or restaurants do you want to visit in NYC that you can’t go without seeing?
  • Do you want a relaxed vacation or more action packed and on the go?
  • What is your budget?

If you need help understanding the answers to a few questions, all the information you need can be found in this article.

Pin the destinations you have determined you want to visit on your Apple Maps. Once you have pinned all the shops, restaurants, and sites it will help you identify the areas of NYC you will spend a lot of time in. Let us familiarize you with some of the most distinguished hotels in different areas so you won’t ever have to waste time looking at options.

What Area to Stay In – New York City

Making a travel itinerary in New York City is difficult which is why we divided the city into distinct neighborhoods. We think there are six good locations to stay in New York City for different types of tourists. But in this article, we will concentrate on the top 3 areas and the hotels in those locations. 

When staying in New York for the first time, we advise you to go to one of these areas:

  • Central Park – This is most known for the Upper West Side and Upper East Side districts
  • Times Square – A few notable places are the Garment District, Midtown West, and Diamond District
  • South Midtown – This includes Bryant Park or Koreatown

Each area has numerous attractions within the site, and the things you hope to do here usually lie less than 3 miles from one another. 

Important: As an additional note, we will not be covering all of these neighborhoods on the map of New York City, as a few are more suitable than others for first-time visitors or those on their second tour. It is left broad, but we’ll be focusing on that area for those who are new to these parts.

Here are our top picks, which can save you a lot of time and hassle.

Why Choose Central Park?

If you are looking for a more relaxed and quiet vacation Central Park is an ideal destination. Yet it can be easily accessed with the tourist sites in Midtown and Downtown Manhattan.

Central Park is a safe place, with high regard for family and less hustle and bustle during nighttime. Those who are looking for a more luxurious vacation should focus more on the Upper East Side. Visitors who like to get up and move their body, Central Park is the place for you. Access to the subway isn’t always the best around Central Park but still not unmanageable. 

Some of the more famous sight-seeing is going to be in the lower part of Manhattan or Brooklyn. However, these areas can be a bit more costly in terms of dining and lodging. So be aware of that if you are traveling on a budget

Follow this list to locate a comfortable hotel by your budget in Central Park

  • Budget – Voco The Franklin 
  • Budget – M Social Hotel 
  • Luxury – The Mark 
  • Mid-Range – The Manhattan Club 
  • Budget – Carnegie Hotel 
  • Mid-Range – Hotel Beacon 
  • Luxury – The Pierre 
  • Mid-Range – 1 Hotel Central Park 

Times Square 

Times Square is extremely easily accessible and central. Connections to Manhattan and Brooklyn are quick and convenient, with subway stations close by or large intersecting signage. The primary reason to choose hotels in Times Square is affordability. Even if you go to New York City at Christmas, you’ll still be able to find value in town hotels near Times Square.

You can get an affordable room in a good budget hotel for great value, even during the most challenging times of covid restrictions. As soon as everything is back to normal, these excellent offers won’t last long, but it is the perfect place to snag a deal due to the stiff competition in budget hotel lodging.

Follow this list to locate a comfortable hotel by your budget in Times Square 

  • Budget – Courtyard NY 
  • Budget – Riu Plaza 
  • Budget – Room Mate Grace 
  • Mid Range – AC Hotel 
  • Mid Range – CitizenM Times Square 
  • Mid Range – The Pearl 
  • Luxury – Hotel Scherman 
  • Mid Range – Renaissance Times Square 
  • Luxury – Times Square Edition 

Midtown South In Manhattan 

If you are interested in visiting Manhattan check out Midtown South. For you to arrive in Manhattan be prepared to make use of public transport at both Grand Central and Penn Station. The underground trains aren’t infrequent, either.

International visitors: Both JFK Airport and Newark Liberty International Airport are the most convenient entrances for Penn Station. 

Shopping, eating, and entertainment at these attractions are easy to access, and the Empire State Building is only a few blocks down Broadway. The hotel’s options are relatively budget-friendly and less bothersome than Times Square. 

Follow this list to locate a comfortable hotel by your budget in Midtown South

  • Budget – Broadway Plaza 
  • Budget – Cambria 
  • Mid Range – Evelyn 
  • Mid Range – Moxy NYC Chelsea 
  • Mid Range – Made Hotel 
  • Luxury – Park Terrace 
  • Luxury – Archer 


In conclusion, there are many great places to stay in New York City. Whether you are looking for a budget-friendly option or something a little more luxurious, there is sure to be a place that fits your needs. You can find a hotel that fits your budget and your needs. Whatever you decide, make sure to enjoy your tour in this incredible city! Check out our article on other great places to stay! 







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